Exquisite curly hair without heat damage

Protect your hair when creating curly hairstyles with the Curlyo™. Say goodbye to dry frizzy curls, heat damaged ends and faded colour.

The Curlyo™ uses patented Moisture Wave™ technology to infuse your hair as the system gently heats and sets the curl inside each Curlyo™.

The Curlyo™ works on all hair types from poker straight to coarse tight curls. Naturally curly hair can be softened and shaped without any risk to the natural curl formation, while the most resistant straight hair can be shaped in to beautiful lasting curls and waves.

 The  Curlyo™ retains your natural hair moisture, and protects it from direct heat while it sets inside the silicone capsule – resulting in long lasting, beautifully shiny, healthy, curly hairstyles, every time.

Join the new revolution in hair curling technology for healthy beautiful curls.

Curl your hair kindly with Curlyo™

"The Curlyo is amazing!"

 It's the first time I've seen my Afro curls looking so perfectly curled and the effect lasted for over a week. Very impressive!

- Laura Bartlett CEO & Founder - House of Coco

"It doesn't create damage"

One of the things I love about the Curlyo is that it doesn't create the damage usually associated with heated styling tools, instead it infuses moisture into the hair and this an absolute revolution especially when styling exceptionally curly hair.

- Shelly Line, Hair Industry Consultant and Tricologist

"the curls held all day"

On shoots models who have their hair curled, more often than not, need it re-styling throughout the day -  I was amazed at the results with the Curlyo, the curls held all day - brilliant tool for any session stylist and curly hair addicts out there!

- Barry Jeffery, Fashion and Advertising Photographer


Moisture Wave technology naturally infuses the hair with moisture for hydrated, healthy shiny curls.


Each hair is wrapped into the silicone Curlyo™ protecting it from indirect heat, colour fade and breakage.


The natural wave pattern of hair is preserved, making it suitable for naturally wavy, curly and coarse textured hair, as well as straight.


Luxurious, bouncy, hydrated shiny curls and waves every time, that last and last

Heat Damage

Colour Fade

Long Lasting

Retains Natural

Works on All 

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Unleash your curly with the Curlyo™ System and create beautiful, healthy curls without damaging your hair. Limited stocks for Christmas.