The Curlyo™ Story

The House of Curls development team have poured their know-how into developing a curling system that creates beautiful curly hairstyles without damaging the hair. The Curlyo™ is very easy to use, healthy for your hair and creates lasting luscious curls, that make you want ‘that’ curly hair.

The Curlyo™ uses revolutionary and patented Moisture Wave™ technology that leaves other hair curling methods, curling wands, curling irons and chemical perms in its wake. Hair dehydration, breakage and colour stripping are now a thing of the past with The Curlyo™.

With no need for additional styling products anyone can now have exquisite curly hair using the Curlyo™. This has been a journey of hair health and hair science that truly delivers.

Curl your hair kindly with Curlyo™

Where did the idea come from?

The inventor Gary Sunderland has worked within the professional hairdressing industry for over 30 years. He is a salon owner, professional stylist and product development entrepreneur.

Gary was a finalist for the BHA’s (British Hairdressing Awards) for two years running in 2006-2007 and is the only international judge for the prestigious NAHA’s (North American Hairdressing Awards) each July In Las Vegas. He works internationally as a platform artist demonstrating and educating on the international stage at industry events and his work appears in many of the international trade magazines.

After several years working on product development, his lightbulb moment came about when he was playing with a yoyo.  As Gary loves styling with curls, he has always been looking for new, innovative ways of curling hair without heat damage.


Taking inspiration from the yoyo (and thinking how a similar technique could be used to curl hair) it was the start of the journey to create the Curlyo™ which now brings us to the launch of this amazing damage free method of curling hair.

Our Journey


KICKStarter Launch

2020 we are now ready to launch to market and introduce the world to damage free hair curling via Kickstarter.


2019 we secured manufacturing relationships and funding for tooling ready for launch.


2018 we were able to prototype the heating tool and raise funds for development and further patent applications.


2017 the initial YO-YO prototypes underwent further development and testing to refine the YO-YO into what we now know as the Curlyo™.


2016 the concept of YO-YO came to life as we saw the initial curling device and heating tool was designed and patented.

Heat Damage

Colour Fade

Long Lasting

Retains Natural

Works on All 

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Unleash your curly with the Curlyo™ System and create beautiful, healthy curls without damaging your hair. Limited stocks for Christmas.